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The first national youth dance company is to be set up as part of a review designed to ensure all children have their lives enriched by cultural education.

Education Secretary Michael Gove and Culture Minister Ed Vaizey welcomed the report. The Department for Education will invest £15 million over three years, pump-priming the system to make Mr Henley’s recommendations a reality.
News of the review’s findings follows research published last week which claimed that millions of British children have never been to an art gallery, theatre or stage show. Commissioned by Visit Birmingham, the research identified a so-called ‘culture starved’ generation following the study carried out among 2,000 parents of five to12 year-olds throughout the UK.

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Internships and mentoring programs give a workplace access to cultural diversity training and education.

The Department for Education (DfE) has made two announcements this week, a partnership with English Heritage and a new academy to “inspire and train the next generation of film-makers”, which appear to be addressing these issues and the concerns raised in Mr Henley’s review.

Develop active listening skills to understand what is being said. Allow them to express their thoughts before responding; focus on what they are trying to express without making judgments about their character or personality.

Outside every school there is a rich history. In the high street, the housing estate, the park, riverside and field, every town, city and village is full of places in which significant events have taken place. We want every child, their parents and teachers to enjoy and take pride in the heritage of their local area and to understand the part it played in the rich story of England. Our Heritage Schools initiative will bring history to life both in the classroom and out of it, weaving it into the life of the community and endowing present and future generations of children with a vivid understanding of the place in which they grew up.

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