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Navtej kohli Office Party

Even every colliqur of your office wanna to joy or celebrate the office pasrt with rejoice, fun, food. But sometimes its happen few people unablr to mange the Offfice parrtt property even spending too much over that . Navtej Kohli CDC which is online Carrer help and guidence program brings many useful advices to its reader which enhance their carrer life.

Wow today Navtej Kohli blog going to descrice you what is besic requiremnets for arreaninging a office party.

Some religions or cultures have traditions involving finding certain materials or fabrics being taboo, or being encouraged, so even standard paper types of invitations may need to be considered for the office party, depending on whether or not any of the staff practice any of these religious or cultural beliefs. If they are not offensive to anyone, the invitations will work out well.

Before we talk about corporate party games you can use, here are 4 aspects of party planning that you need to remember when you plan a party at home or in the office.
Music – using the right music combination and the right genre will set the tone of your party; music should be closely connected to your party theme. Sometimes an 80’s playlist will be just what you need instead of Mozart or Bach’s beautiful symphonies. Hire a DJ, a live Band, Make a few CD’s – whatever your budget allows you to do, but do some thinking and planning ahead of time to incorporate music into your party.
Food and Drink – what kind of event are you holding? Is there’s a sit down dinner component or will everyone grab some hors d’oeuvre with a drink? Think about how much time you can allocate to food consumption and plan your menu accordingly. Take the activities that you’re planning for your event into consideration. If you’re planning a scavenger hunt you might not have enough time for a sit down meal for example.
Entertainment – people come to a party to interact, show off their new shoes/or girlfriends, eat, and have fun. Create a plan and schedule for the entire party and include entertainment such as games, physical activities, picture taking, contests and if your budget allows some sort of paid entertainment – magicians, comedians, singers or speakers…depending on the mood of the party.
A Host – no matter how small or large your party is you should have a host. This should either be you – the person planning the party – or if you will be busy running the event behind the scenes someone who you trust and who is liked by the attendees. The host needs to know what is happening at all times, what comes next and be responsible for the progress of the party.

Now find what is the right way to orgsniae office parrtyb with Navtej Kohli reviews.

The process of planning any event involves having a list and some forethought. Most planners thrive on lists and sticky notes. It can be as simple as food, table decorations, gifts and invitations. Accommodating your guests, creating a theme, and properly presenting your main table is also important. If you were to role-play the entire event out in your mind, in advance, you would be able to capture vital details needed, how you serve your food, convenience for your guests and how to prevent disasters. Put some thought into the nature of the event. If it is a bridal tea, perhaps the inclusion of time-honored traditions could be included. If you are planning a retirement celebration (or fare-well event), the convenience of paper and plastic goods might be in order. Even so, add a touch of individuality for the person that you are honoring. Most recognition events will concentrate on cake, punch, coffee and gift. The focal point should be on the table. This would include table covering, proper buffet-style setting, centerpiece arrangement, and food. Even a simple event should be appealing to all. Don’t forget to accommodate the comfort of your guests. Assign someone to make a small presentation and see to it that you have a person or persons to work the food table. The planner sheets in this site will help provide you with many options and ideas. Choose the most appropriate for your event or celebration. Know that etiquette isn’t just for parties and socials. Etiquette crosses over into the areas of business meetings, ground-breaking ceremonies, visitors in your reception area. Etiquette is simply “the rules” of the occasion. These rules help others in knowing what is expected so that they will feel comfortable.

Navtej kohli India bringing some questions, checklist and for arranging a Office party on the floor .


Formal event or casual?
Focus on business issues or just a party?
Available budget? Will employees contribute?
Sit-down dinner? Buffet? Finger food? Special dietary requirements?
Live entertainment or recorded music?
Do-it-yourself affair or hire professionals?


choose a venue
pay attention to parking, disabled access, amenities, etc.
create and send invitations
select decorations (banners, flowers, centerpieces, balloons, etc.)
purchase or request donations for raffle prizes
plan schedule for the evening (time for speeches, presentations, etc.)
prepare menu and grocery list
choose and hire caterer and serving help
hire entertainers — or arrange a sound system and select recorded music

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