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John Naughton’s article created some small print, however ignores the important downside, the low salaries paid to skilled engineers and scientists. A bright pupil can recognise that the stem subjects area unit arduous. thus why trouble with these subjects, once it’s potential to waltz through arts A-levels, attend university, study a similar simple choices, and find an improved, we have a tendency toll-paid job on graduation? till we awaken to the current downside we’ll not get our young learning engineering, technology or science and that we won’t have a future, as well as a bright one.scientist microscope

John Owen (CEng)


One way for all our youth to possess access to the most recent development in science and technology, and to resolve the debt downside for graduates, would be to waive fees for all undergraduates willing to pay their second year in state colleges, as room assistants, whereas writing a thesis for his or her degree before returning to school (“Our youth have to be compelled to study science and technology for a brighter future”, Comment). this could keep lecturers up thus far with the most recent analysis and modify proficient youth to check for a degree. Navtej Kohli CDC brings special career guidance with latest career news

This pool of talent would overcome discipline issues by dynamical the dynamics of the room and facilitate the utilization of laptop applications, which might eliminate the attainment gap between public and state colleges.

Margaret Phelps


Vale of Glamorgan

You gift difficult items concerning empowering human intellect through problem-solving arithmetic and sensible science and technology. you furthermore may move to reveal the mechanistic character of high performance in current international check leagues. nonetheless you render the whole question educational by confirming what has been expected for over a decade, specifically that actually by mid-century computers and connected robots can have overtaken human intellect (“Will 2029 be the year once robots have the ability to outsmart North American country all?”, News). The key singularity are philosophical, not technical – once, as in Dr Strangelove, the computers refused to adapt their masters. Navtej Kohli has inspirational and educational quotes about career growth.

We need a brand new thought of society during which serving the general public becomes a career justifying an honest wage bought by those still paying taxes, however additionally reducing a number of those public service prices as presently supported. we’d like a contemporary respect for caring communities and social discipline.

Mervyn Benford



It’s a results of twenty years of decreasing funding. i am associate physics graduate and in regular contact with some of my lecturers twenty years later. they assert that instruction these days is a lot of concerning what proportion cash you’ll be able to usher in through analysis funding or attracting overseas students than education.

Every year, they manufacture one hundred EE (electronic engineering) graduates – on the average, seventy of those area unit from Asia and of the remaining thirty, around 0.5 take jobs in finance or line of work, which suggests that solely fifteen EE graduates take jobs within the Great Britain industry.

The average beginning regular payment as associate physics engineer is £25,000; the typical in finance is £40,000. In Germany, you can not decision yourself associate engineer unless you have got leased standing and a leased engineer is paid round the same as a doctor.

I got out of engineering among 3 years of graduating owing to the low salaries. it is the best call I ever created. till the united kingdom values engineers the maximum amount as alternative countries i do not foresee the case dynamical.

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