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Navtej Kohli Thoughts about Technology .

Technology has become a part of daily life, and other people at the Lake Oswego Adult center may be found either singing its praises or hissing at its frustrations.
My husband and that i typically discussion the execs and cons of technology. I list all the execs and he the cons. His major discontentment stems from the hours wasted taking part in video games, an equivalent games from that I gain a way of pride once rescuing the princesses in Super Mario Brothers.


We each agree that the onslaught of inappropriate photos we’ve got to stay from influencing our ladies may be a major negative. we tend to conjointly agree that the expense of technology (why my generation saves less cash than their oldsters, no doubt) may be a massive negative, and hope you won’t fall for the lure of multiple devices or the most recent product.

My husband views the web as a time waster, ingestion hours out of your day accomplishing nothing.

we tend to are also all far more at risk of fraud or phishing and different cash scamming crimes.

while not the web, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o won’t are duped into a web relationship with a girl whose death was faked by the perpetrators of the hoax.

When the chance arises, I do my best to assist my husband see the execs of technology, like aiding within the creation of prosthetic improvements; on-line ordering and delivery of virtually something you’d want for people who can’t simply get around; and Facebook and Pinterest.

Did I simply say Facebook and Pinterest? affirmative, in my opinion, they’re a positives.

Facebook keeps you connected. it’s however I not blink so far with friends and what’s happening at the ACC. you’ll notice and like United States of America underneath Lake Oswego Adult center.

I knew nothing concerning Pinterest till Sara, the top cook at the ACC, introduced Maine. Yes, this one will suck up hours if I let it. however on the professional aspect, my girl and that i spent hours one night riant thus onerous that we tend to cried over the funny posts. I actually have conjointly created some delicious meals and desserts with recipes from Pinterest. Pinterest offers concepts for organic, home-cured blighter management and therefore the newest tenting gear.

Chef Sara gets several concepts for meals on Pinterest. (You will follow her at pinterest.com/loacc.)

My husband and that i can continue our fun discussion on the execs and cons of technology, however i think Facebook and Pinterest area unit nice web tools that keep you connected to friends, laughter, food and therefore the ACC. sign on and log in these days.

The polygenic disease Support cluster can gift John Poothullil, M.D., author of “Eat, Chew, Live: four Revolutionary concepts to forestall polygenic disease, slim down and revel in Food,” from 6:30-8 p.m. on weekday, July 8.

He can discuss his life-changing theory on managing glucose and reversing polygenic disease.

The center are going to be closed Fri in observance of the Fourth of July, thus lunch won’t be served. be part of United States of America Mon, July 6, for food soup and weekday, July 8, for cooked salad. Lunch is served at a steered donation of $4 for those sixty and over and $5 for everybody else.

The LOACC is found at 505 G Ave. in Lake Oswego. an inventory of activities and support teams may be found on our web site, loacc.info; underneath the banner “Calendar,” click on “View the Adult center Calendar” and so the activity for additional details. decision 503-635-3758 to register for categories, events, build lunch reservations or schedule a massage by Michelle.

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